Tuesday, April 20, 2010

WEG is done

While not official, this interview makes it clear that West End Games is done. At this point, my only interest is what Bill Coffin will do (if anything) with the gaming rights to Septimus. He might stay with d6 Open since he's already written it and the system will be OGL. However, I think the d6 system is dead as a supported line and it doesn't have the fan support needed to follow the OSR model. I'm going to go on a limb here, but if Septimus continues to be supported, it will be using the Traveller ruleset. I see a great resurgence in this system lately, thanks largely to Mongoose (although oddly, Marc Miller continues to publish a parallel version as well). I think Traveller is a better fit for the setting than say, FATE v3 or Savage Worlds.


Edit: I have just learned that Bill Coffin did intend to release Septimus using FATE back when the original problem with WEG occurred in 2008. Therefore, I amend my prediction. Although I would prefer it to be ported to Traveller, I think it far more likely we will see a FATE-based Septimus in the near future.

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