Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Catalyst drops Eclipse Phase, CthulhuTech

From the Eclipse Phase website:

Catalyst Game Labs is currently engaged in negotiations to end its agreements with WildFire and Posthuman Studios. Once the terms are finalized, Catalyst will no longer publish CthulhuTech or Poo: The Card Game for WildFire, nor will they co develop and publish Eclipse Phase for Posthuman Studios.

This is probably for the best. Catalyst is a damaged entity now and any further collaboration between it and the companies who own those IPs will only result in damage to those brands. I don't know what will happen with Eclipse Phase, but I predict CthulhuTech will be returning to the loving embrace of Mongoose. Since Wildfire has entered into an agreement with Mongoose to publish Cthonian Stars, it's clear the previous break was amicable. If Wildfire has no problem working with Mongoose on this project, my guess is they will be willing to entrust CthulhuTech with it as well.


One side note, does this mean will now include a page for Poo: The Card Game? That would be awesome. Just think of the cross-marketing opportunities. The first supplement should be called CthooPoo.

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Derobane-bane said...

Catalyst has smeared Poo, the Card Game for the last time.
Thankfully, Catalyst will not be printing that crap anymore.
Catalyst really got dunged out this time.
The splat books they made were verbal diarrhea.

Thanks, I'm here all night.