Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New eidolon build

After reviewing the comments, I have made some changes. Although it goes against my instinct to avoid wandering around with a giant monster in tow, I have gone with Obiri's suggestion of making the eidolon large. I dropped one pair of arms, so it has fewer attacks, but better attack and damage and more hps (due to higher Con). The AC ends up being the same, despite the larger size. It also has 10 ft. reach.

Biped: AC:+2 natural, Str:16 Dex:12, Free evolutions: Limbs (arms), Limbs (legs), Claws

Limbs (arms)
Str +2
Simple Weapon Proficiency
Martial Weapon Proficiency
Resistance (fire) 5
Large size

Lightning Reflexes, Multiweapon Fighting, Imp. Natural Armour (x2)

Level benefits:
Str/Dex:+4, AC bonus:+8, BAB:+8
Ability score increase: Str:+2

The total Str is 32, +11 bonus
AC:25 (+14 natural armour, -1 size, +2 Dex)

lg longsword +1 [+17 melee (2d6+12)] and 3x lg shortsword +1 [+17 melee (1d8+6)]



Derobane-bane said...

I must admit, building these eidolons is pretty fun.

I made a quadruped that focuses on one bite attack and maybe a swallow (enter mom joke here) that is pretty deadly by 11th level. At 11th, this guy has a strength of 40 and a bite attack that looks like this (without magic fanging him or using magical items):

Attack (bite): +25/ +20
Damage: 3d6+22

Keep in mind that this is a huge creature. This sucks in 90% of urban situations and cramped dungeons.

So what is the best approach? Multi attack to best fight off medium ranged threats or Bite attack to deal with BBEGs?

I suppose it depends on the make-up of your party.

Derobane-bane said...

The large eidolon that you built is perfectly reasonable in a dungeon setting. LArge doesnt bother me at all. It's hUGE that creates trouble.

Rognar said...

Unfortunately, your quadruped only gets one attack. It says pretty clearly in the description of BAB that eidolons do not get bonus attacks for high BAB while using natural attacks.

Obiri said...

With the multiattack feat all critters with one attack get an iterative attack at -5.

I have to admit I prefer the quadruped form as well. In terms of # of attacks humanoid is better but It just doesn't feel right to me.

One big bite attack and 2 smaller claws + pounce and trip makes one mean mofo. Maybe I'll stat something up.

Obiri said...

Quadruped 8HD (Level 10)
Large(4), Trip(2), Bite(1), Imp Damage:Bite(1), Improved Armor(1),
Extra Limbs:Legs(2), Claws(1)x2, Pounce
Bite: +16 3d6+12 + Trip
Claws(4): +14 1d6+8
AC:26 (+12 NA,-1 size,+4 dex, +1 dodge)
HP: 95 Spd: 50

Feats: Improved Natural Attack:Bite, Dodge, Mobility, Iron Will.

So doesn't hit quite as easily but does a bit more damage when it does hit. Pounce allows it to charge around the battle field doing full attacks. Its big and strong enough that its trip attacks are likely to succeed gimping its opponent and giving it a free AoO when it stands back up.

Rognar said...

Given the relative weakness of the summoner, I feel it's necessary to use whatever tricks you can to pimp out the eidolon. Arming it with weapons allows you enhance both the beast and the weapons.

Derobane-bane said...

You have to use all the tricks you can to pimp these guys out. I agree wholeheartedly. If you dont, these guys are only gonna be good at fighting the fodder.

I suppose the crafty summoner would find a way to use his UMD to pimp their eidolon out with spells like greater heroism and Righteous might (shared spells) to really put the hurt on. Think of Robanion with six arms and a tail slap.... ouch.