Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rippin' on AD&D 2e Monstrous Compendium

Was there ever a more questionable design decision in the history of D&D than the Monstrous Compendium? I still have that massive binder with hundreds upon hundreds of sheets of monsters, of which maybe a tenth were even remotely useful. Every new supplement that came out had a few more sheets to add, eventually leading to the most unwieldly product in the history of tabletop rpgs. Mercifully, the folks at TSR eventually released the hardcover Monstrous Manual with all the useful monsters in it, allowing me to pack away that behemoth for good. Zack and Steve have something to say:

Monstrous Compendium


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A Paladin In Citadel said...

I think I still own the monstrous manual.

That binder was a bad idea, and if they had bothered consulting with their fans (which they never did) they would have discovered that, in short order.