Monday, April 05, 2010


I posted some time ago that I always liked to find a picture of my character to help me get a feel for it. The problem is that its not always easy to find exactly what you are looking for and I lack the skills to draw what I want well. I am also too lazy to take the time to learn to draw well.

I'm not sure why, perhaps looking at all of the great minis most of my fellow bloggers here have, but I thought about starting to paint my own minis. If you've ever looked at the various mini sites out there they have minis of every shape and form. Enough to meet most of your cool adventurer ideas. There does seem to be a heavier weighting towards the stereo type - the barbarians, knights, rogues, and rangers. There are too many female characters, most of which are half naked.

Anyway, Derro-bane was kind enough to loan me his painting supplies and a couple practice minis. We went down to the FLGS on Sunday and asked a bunch of questions to Chris - the guy doing the mini painting demo. I sat there for about 4 hours and ended up with a mini that didn't look that awful. It is certainly not going to win any awards, but it looks as good as any pre-painted mini. It is a good start.

I am enjoying painting so far. I need to get a bit braver and start trying some harder techniques like shading. I have a few sweet minis ordered that may represent my next character and I'd like them to look nice. Its really hard to find a decent gnome miniature.


A Paladin In Citadel said...

You'll have to post a picture of your painted fig!

Derobane-bane said...

You dont give yourself enough credit. You did a really good job, considering your lack of XP.

Rognar said...

We should take some pics of your work this weekend, as well as the minis D-bane painted for the Blackmoor campaign. Put that fancy new camera of yours to good use.

Not that there's anything wrong with baby pictures...:)

Obiri said...

The second one isn't finished yet. I didn't like his boots and I redid them last night.

Maybe I'll post something tomorrow night.