Monday, January 07, 2013

More of what I'm looking forward to in 2013

The most recent Pathfinder hardcovers from Paizo, Ultimate Equipment and NPC Codex, have not particularly interested me much and quite honestly, all of the rulebooks after Advanced Player's Guide have been pretty underwhelming. For this reason, I rarely look forward with much anticipation to whatever the next release will be. However, that could be about to change as Ultimate Campaign is due for release in April. It appears Ultimate Campaign will incorporate the excellent kingdom-building and mass combat rules first introduced in the Kingmaker AP. That, combined with the new rule systems for expanding the scope of the campaign such as story feats, makes this the first rulebook in some time that doesn't feel like more of the same.



Woo Flaxman said...

That makes two of us. More equipment just means longer poring over price lists and less time doing the heroic stuff. I also house rule loads so all the stats in the NPC Codex would be totally pointless. Campaign options though, count me in.

Rognar said...

Right on, brother

Obiri said...

The Ultimate Combat/Magic books were not too bad. My only beef is that each book seems to get more "filler" material. Either alternate systems that don't work well or clearly inferior feats/archetypes/spells that anyone would only take for flavor.

I am tempted by the equipment book but may just pick up the pdf.