Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fortress America, f*#& yeah!

Back in the day when the lads and I would get together for a game, it was usually D&D, but sometimes when the urge to lay a beatdown on each other would take over, we would turn to Milton Bradley. Of course, the most popular MB game at the time was Axis and Allies and we played the heck out of that game (I always enjoyed the sheer desperation of playing the UK, not sure if that provides any insight into my psyche). We also tried Shogun a few times and one time, a buddy got his hands on Fortress America. It was only the one time. I played the US and got totally destroyed, but it was a blast. Since then, of course, Axis and Allies has been expanded to multiple versions and Shogun, later rereleased as Samurai Swords and later still as Ikusa has also been available. But I never again saw Fortress America, until today. I dropped in to my FLGS and what do I see, but a new edition of the game. Unlike A&A and Ikusa which are now published under the Avalon Hill branding, Fortress America is published by Fantasy Flight Games with all that implies (FFG quality, FFG pricing). Though I don't have much time for boardgames these days, I am sorely tempted to lay down my hard-earned coin on this piece of my misspent youth.


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