Monday, January 28, 2013

Gygax Magazine - Holy Shipping Costs, Batman!

I have a few rules I live by, I don't vote for any candidate just because he or she seems like someone who would be fun to have a drink with, I don't eat invertebrates and I don't buy anything which costs less than the shipping. With this in mind, I was quite excited about the release of Gygax Magazine this month. With some pretty high profile contributors like Cory Doctorow, James Ward, Rich Burlew and Lenard Lakofka, it looks to bring back the glory of the old Dragon Magazine. I dutifully started my online order for the first year of the new magazine...$35 for four issues, ok!...shipping to Canada, $49.40, yikes! It would be cheaper to get a PO Box in Great Falls, MT and take a drive down every three months. Sorry folks, that works out to over $21 per issue, too steep for me.


Update: There may be hope yet for international customers. Gygax Magazine is offering to hold, free of charge, a copy of the first issue for each international customer while they explore other options for shipping. If they can find a way to get the per issue shipping cost down to about $5 or less, I'm subscribing.


Aaron E. Steele said...

And I break all of those rules!

But i'm not going to subscribe to Gygax, because no magazine is worth $21 per issue.

Obiri said...

That about what I pay for each month's Paizo adventure path book. I'd have to see what's in Gygax magazine to really compare.

Rognar said...

Well, I have a copy of the ToC for the first issue, which may be atypical, but it gives some insight into the general format. It looks very much like Dragon, with "The Ecology of..." articles, a small adventure, a couple of non-D&D articles, an advice column and some comic strips in the back (including The Order of the Stick).

Anonymous said...

Obviously, some sort of smuggling operation is called for here.

And I'd like to welcome our visitors from Homeland Security, NSA & RCMP.

Rognar said...

I have felt for some time that the RCMP has been scrutinizing my gaming activities. My dicebag reeks of horse.

Anonymous said...

That was my reaction as well. It's not the price so much as the fact that I actually feel insulted.

As a Canadian I'm reasonable as hell and I'm not going to pay for it anymore.