Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gold fever!

I am a geologist and I must confess, I got into it for the gold. I never found any, mind you, and I spend my time in a lab these days instead of the bush, but I still have a bit of gold fever. So you can imagine I found this story about an Australian prospector finding a gold nugget weighing an astonishing 177 oz. to be more than a little bit exciting. It's so...beautiful!



Black Vulmea said...

My grandmother was an amateur prospector - we're talking rockhammer, pan, and waders. She was convinced she was going to strike it rich because, after all, we lived in the Golden State, right?

She never found her nugget, but on the plus side I grew up with lots of trips to the mountains and the desert.

Rognar said...

Grandma was a prospector. Awesome!

Obiri said...

I saw that article too. Though it scrap metal from a car until he got digging. I saw an article a few months back about a man in the Yukon who is a prospector. He's never struck it rich but he's found enough gold to eat (food, not gold) and keep clothes on his back.