Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Final mea culpa from Wizards of the Coast

It is hard to miss the news that Wizards of the Coast is once again allowing the sale of pdfs for older editions of D&D. Good for them. It never made much sense to remove the older editions from circulation. The move certainly didn't help D&D 4e, it generated a lot of ill will towards the company and cost them a modest, but still significant revenue stream. This represents the culmination of the Great Wizards of the Coast Apology tour that began with the reprint of the original AD&D core books. I can't say any of this really matters to me. I am probably never going back to old-school D&D unless age catches up with me and, in my dotage, I am rendered intellectually incapable of handling rules-heavy games like Pathfinder or RuneQuest. Nonetheless, I applaud WotC for coming to its senses.

Oh, and if you don't mind, how about a reprint of the Rules Cyclopedia, you know, just in case.


Update: DrivethruRPG is overloaded right now. I wonder why.


Aaron E. Steele said...

Rules Cyclopedia reprint would be excellent.

Rognar said...

Definitely. I understand reprinting the original AD&D books first, but following up with D&D 3.5 made no sense to me. Rules Cyclopedia would have been a logical followup.