Saturday, July 18, 2009

So, what's on your iPod?, pt.3

Crom is a German heavy metal band, consisting largely of Walter "Crom" Grosse (lead guitar and vocals). Drawing inspiration from Bathory and other bands of the "Viking metal" movement, Crom combines speed metal guitar riffs with pagan and fantastical themes. Grosse is a vocalist of limited range, displaying neither the ear-splitting upper registers common to many metal acts today nor the gravelly low-pitched growls of bands such as Sabaton or Rammstein. However, what Grosse lacks as a vocalist, he more than makes up for as a top tier shredder.

The most recent release by Crom is the 2008 LP Vengeance, a pretty solid collection of aggressive songs sprinkled with an occasional folk-inspired ballad. The limitations of Grosse's vocals are most evident on these more melodic tunes, but really, you're probably not listening to Crom for these rather awkward ballads anyway. Vengeance is available from iTunes in Canada. Unfortunately, the earlier EP Fallen Beauty is not as of this moment. I'll certainly be keeping an eye out for this hard-to-find early release.

I should mention there is also a California-based band of the same name. I know almost nothing about them, except that they are grindcore, one of my least favourite styles of metal.


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