Thursday, July 09, 2009

DDM Report - Legendary Evils

I have to wonder is WotC has started to learn from past mistakes. Next month, the next set of D&D minis, entitled Legendary Evils will be released. It is the first set containing huge figures since they adopted the current format which includes one visible figure and a bunch of randoms. In this set, the 8 huge figures will all be visible and has them. They are Balor, Beholder Ultimate Tyrant, Elder Green Dragon (nice!), Elder Iron Dragon, Goristro, Storm Titan, Frost Titan and Remorhaz (seen above).

Colour me interested.



Derobane-bane said...

I am interested in almost all of the huges from this set, especially the green dragon, the balor, the beholder and the rhemoraz. It will be easy to get them all but it will cost 26.99 per pack. Although expensive, I'd rather spend 27 bucks for a known booster rather than 18 bucks for a completely random pack.

Rognar said...

The remorhaz and the elder green dragon are definite must-haves for me. I already have a balor, so I'll pass on that one. I will wait and see what the uber-beholder looks like. The storm titan looks pretty cool. I don't have much need for it, but I might get one for the coolness alone. The elder iron dragon and the frost titan don't do much for me, although the iron dragon could sub for a huge silver.

Derobane-bane said...

I also have a balor, but not a huge balor. Besides, the balor looks so cool. You could pick one up on ebay for probably close to 5-6 dollars, I imagine.
I only bought 6 boosters from the last set. I pulled 3 beholders, a melting clay golem guy, a gold dragon and a chimera. I bought the rest of my minis for very good prices on ebay.

Rognar said...

You make a good point. I don't have a huge demon figure. Something like that could proxy for a demon lord or arch-devil. I'm sold, I need a huge balor too.