Friday, May 01, 2009

My Most Memorable Characters - Nikolai

The first character I played when I moved out west and the first with my fellow bloggers on this site was Nikolai Grenovic. Nikolai grew up in a harsh environment and embraced the darkness of his homeland. He learned to lie, to steal and even to kill at an early age. However, he did not kill for pleasure or sport, he was not a savage. He took up with violent men, he consorted with drow and other evil races, he engaged in all manner of criminal activities, but he always maintained his self-discipline. Eventually, that self-discipline would serve him well when his exploits would lead him to become captain of his own ship. He and his crew would become the scourge of the seas. Merchant ships, warships, great monsters of the deeps, it mattered not. All fell before Grenovic and his allies. Even the mighty Kraken was slain.

Eventually, Grenovic would become an admiral leading a fleet of his homeland's black dragonships into battle. Only the God of the Sea remains to contest Nikolai Grenovic's command of the world's oceans.


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Derobane-bane said...

The name 'Grenovik' comes up from time to time when I sit around with the old guard and talk D&D shop.

He was a really good character, I will admit.