Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Character Portraits

I like having a good character portrait. It gives me an idea what my character looks like and hints at the personality. The trouble is getting one. As someone with little artistic talent and even less motivation to get better, finding a good portrait is always difficult. Since I tend to avoid really generic characters finding something on the web is always troublesome but if seems to be my only option. I've tried character portrait generators but they always end up looking like bland paper dolls.
After spending a couple hours perusing Google for an appropriate picture of new character, I realised that this would be much easier if I could just do up something myself. So I found some great drawing software, downloaded it in record time and went about going through the tutorials. It was then that I realized that not only would I have to learn this software, I would still have to learn how to draw. Sure professionals can whip off some amazing art with this but I won't be able to come anywhere close until I've had years of practice. How am I supposed to have time to play MMORPGs if I spend all my time doodling on my computer?

So unless I suddenly get struck with some desire to be a great graphic artist I am stuck with Google and finding the perfect character portrait after the campaign ends. Oh Vallindra, how awesome you were.


Rognar said...

You sure play a lot of hot chicks, dude.

Obiri said...


She was my first female character that I've played in ages. And if you are going to be female, you might as well be smoking hot, right?

For some strange reason, hot chicks seem to be preferred artist fodder.

Rognar said...

Wasn't that drow you played in JL's old campaign a femme?

Obiri said...

Nope. I was a guy. A wizard.

Derobane-bane said...

Yeah, he was a guy buy an elf guy. It is sometimes tough to differentiate male and female elves.