Sunday, May 31, 2009

Deadliest Warrior Pt.7

IRA beats Taliban on the strength of their Armalite assault rifle and their superior skill at building explosive devices. Ultimately, I think terrain is key in this battle. The RPG-7 is far more effective in open terrain, while the IRA tactics and weapons are optimized for the urban environment. It was mildly entertaining watching two groups of thugs blowing each other up, but what's with the fake Taliban beards? They were straight out of Team America.


Edit: It was mentioned in tonight's episode that Geoff Desmoulin, one of the hosts of the show (the big, muscular dude), is Canadian. That got me to Googling and it turns out, he's a local. He lives in Vancouver now, but he studied to be an emergency medical technician at SAIT and served with the Canmore fire dept. for several years before going on to Simon Fraser to study biomechanics. I deem that cool.

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