Thursday, May 07, 2009

So, what's on your iPod?, pt.2

Sabaton is an awesome band from Sweden which combines thrash metal with a distinctly European industrial sound. The deep, growling vocals of lead singer, Joakim Broden are very reminiscent of Rammstein's Till Lindemann, although Sabaton's lyrics are predominantly in English. Speaking of lyrics, Sabaton has a distinct lyrical interest in historical wars, with a particularly strong attraction to WWII. Songs such as Primo Victoria, Attero Dominatus and Talvisota describe the Normandy Landings, the Fall of Berlin and the Winter War between Finland and the Soviet Union. Other solid tracks include Panzer Battalion (2003 Iraq War), Wolfpack (Battle of the Atlantic), The Art of War (Sun Tzu and his famous book), Into the Fire (Vietnam War) and Ghost Division (Rommel's own panzer division).

Lyrical sample: Primo Victoria
Through the Gates of Hell
As we make our way to Heaven
Through the Nazi lines
Primo Victoria
On the 6th of June
On the shores of Western Europe
Nineteen Forty-four
D-Day upon us

Sabaton has five albums; Fist For Fight (2000), Primo Victoria (2005), Attero Dominatus (2006), Metalizer (2007) and The Art of War (2008).


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