Friday, May 08, 2009

Oh what to choose?!?

Obiri's character spoilers ahead. Turn back if you are banned from reading this.

Well we are just about to gear up for our next campaign and so its that always torturous process of choosing a character. My character for the next campaign is already prepped. She (yes, the next character will be a she. Get off my back!) will be an offensive machine. Lots barbarian with some fighter mixed in for more feats. Unfortunately she's all specced out using Pathfinder Beta rules so if the final product changes too much she'll never see the light of day. Pity.

Anyway back to the campaign at hand. Its set in the desert and there's going to be lots of gnolls and genies. I played an arcane caster last time, and a melee class next time so I wanted to go divine caster this time. Druid is tempting and the DM dared me to abuse venomfire, but I couldn't find a character concept I liked and then the DM banned animal companions so that was out. Cleric was next on my list. I came up with an awesome holy warrior which was apparently too good (the alternate class feature is probably too awesome), so I had to swtich gears. The revised cleric was still super sweet except for one thing: I'd made a great anti-undead cleric in a campaign about gnolls and genies. Hmmm

What to do? I've noticed that adventure path tend to follow a certain pattern for enemies. You start out fighting animals and humanoids, work you way up to aberations, undead, and giants, and by end game you are fighting dragons and outsiders. It's a safe bet that an Arabian themed adventure path is going to have lots of outsiders but what class is good against outsiders?

Flips through his books.

I couldn't find any good specialized classes that fight outsiders. But I did come back to a class that I was looking at earlier. It could be very effective against outsiders (and just about everything else for that matter). Now I just have to decide if I want to use Divine Metamagic Persist or not?

Another option popped up tonight that looks really really tempting. The ambush drake.
A 7 HD dragon with no Level Adjustment. Poison, Flight, Slow. Not too shabby. Too bad I'm set on playing a divine caster this time.


Rognar said...

Ambush Drake? Is it that kind of campaign?

Obiri said...

No but it would make an interesting character. the wizard website breaks out the monster hit dice by level. We could just tell everyone he was one of the other PC's pet.

Obiri said...

Oh yeah. You missed a good (relatively speaking) birthday party today.