Friday, April 24, 2009

My Most Memorable Characters - Drimble

I have played literally hundreds of characters over the almost 30 years that I've been gaming. The vast majority of them are forgotten (and rightly so), but a handful stand out in my mind. In this new series of posts, I am going to take a walk down memory lane and pay homage to the best of the best.

No single character I have ever played has meant more to me than the dwarven fighter, Drimble of Blackstone. Starting as a humble 1st-level fighter in an ongoing AD&D campaign I played in the late '80s, Drimble would advance to become a major figure in the campaign world, long after I stopped playing him myself. Through all of Drimble's greatest exploits, he wielded mighty Kearac, one of two holy battleaxes of Clangeddin Silverbeard, the dwarven god of war. In one epic battle against a hive of horrid insectoids from an alien plane, Kearac was destroyed by the corrosive effects of their acidic ichor. However, the spirit of the mighty weapon was forever linked to Drimble and he was able to have it remade.

Although the campaign in which Drimble existed is now decades in the past and thousands of miles away, Drimble and Kearac live on in the retelling of tales when old gamers get together and wax nostalgic on past adventures.


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Obiri said...

Very Cool.
back in the olden days I was usually the DM so characters tended to come and go. I do remember one extended campaign that revolved around an artifact. As they found more and more pieces of it it got more and more powerful (and game unbalancing) but it was still super memorable and we still mention it today.

That is one problem with 3.x You level up to 20 relatively quickly and you don't have campaigns that stretch on for years and years. Although actually I'm not sure that its a bad thing. Leveling up took forever back in the day even when we played all of the time.