Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Deadliest Warrior Report

Knight vs Pirate...boy, they sure blew this one. After demonstrating that a flintlock pistol can't penetrate a steel breastplate and that a grenado is little more than a flashbang to an armoured knight, they still gave the win to the pirate. The only weapon shown to penetrate armour in the pirate's arsenal was the blunderbuss and only at ranges of a few yards. Assuming the knight hadn't already killed the pirate with a crossbow by then, he would be close to melee range by the time the blunderbuss becomes effective. That one shot won't likely kill, but the knight's counter with morningstar or broadsword certainly will. The pirate is dead every time.



Obiri said...

Yes. Very lame. The only chance a pirate would have would be to knock the knight into the water. On land it would not even be close.

Rognar said...

This is definitely the most obvious failure so far. I agreed with giving the Apache warrior the edge over the Gladiator on the basis of long range attacks, the bow is far superior to the sling. I also agreed completely with giving the Samurai the win over the Viking, that one is a no-brainer. I wasn't quite so sure about choosing the Spartan over the Ninja, because I think the Ninja would get much more of an advantage from stealth than was considered. Still, that decision was way better than this travesty.