Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Savage Tide 7 - Here There Be Monsters


After assessing their situation, the PCs began organizing for their overland trip. Morton was pretty sure the safest route was overland as these waters were said to be filled with nasty monsters and that a makeshift raft would have trouble sailing 200 miles over rough waters.

A monstrous giant reptile wandered onto the beach and helped itself to a couple sailors before turning its sights on Isis. The reptile was slain before it snacked on anyone else. After the battle, the monster was identified as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a giant beast thought to be extinct.

Mountains could be seen to the south and it was hoped that they could be reached by nightfall and a pass could be found to cross. The journey through the mosquito infested jungle started out rather uneventfully but that peace was not to last. Terror Birds, Dire Tigers, and more dinosaurs all wanted to fill their belly's with these tasty humanoids.

Not all the encounters were hostile. They met a strange old spider lady who was only able to speak with Morton since no one else spoke the Olman language. She wished to know about where the group was from and Morton told her stories of the outside world. She told the group of an old road under the mountains to the south and provided two warnings. The first is that a flock of Terror Birds nest near the entrance and second that an old evil was awakening on the island and that the old road may no longer be safe. Morton thanked her and the group moved on.

The Terror Birds did indeed try to protect their territory but were no match for the PCs. The entrance to the road under the mountains was found and the PCs fortified as best they could and tried to get a decent sleep.

The road continued in utter darkness for many hours. The construction was old and had been masterfully engineered. The tunnel was still clear centuries after it had been built. A strange sensation of being watched was felt by most of the travelers. At one point Marty the sailor simply vanished without a trace. The sound as rocks falling caused the group to bolt ahead in the darkness only to return later and find the tunnel still clear.

At long last the group reach a chamber. On a throne was a ribcage being supported only by an old long spear which had pierced it. There was also an old fountain filled with stagnant water. The PCs explored the complex, dealing with Shadows, Puddings, and stuck and sealed doors. Eventually Kaeless found a tiny passageway which lead outside. With that knowledge they unsealed the water doors and ventured out into the open air again. The PCs made camp here before continuing along the road that was now cut into the mountains.

The mountain road was followed for a few days. There were many troubles along the way and Kaeless began to believe the island or the road was cursed. Food went missing, the corpses of terror birds arranged in patterns, a native committing suicide in the distance but no body was found. A rock slide that included humanoid skulls. There were deserted villages and a lift that was sabotaged. The gargoyle attacks were just an added bonus.

After five days of traveling the road he PCs finally reached the point where it descended into the island's interior and should reach the Great Wall in 2 or 3 days, beyond which most of the island's native's lived. A clear blue lake could be seen in the distance as the PCs made camp one last time before entering the fog enshrouded jungle.

Current Survivors at this point:
The PCs
Tavey, the cabin boy
Avner MayorNenshi
Morton Longfellow
Barth the Sailor
Mango the Sailor

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