Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Curse of the Crimson Throne Hardcover

Ironic. I finally find a Pathfinder Adventure Path that I think is superior to CotCT and Paizo decides to re-release it as an updated Hardcover. They did a great job with Rise of the Runelords but I'm not really sure what they will do here to improve CotCT. It was pretty awesome already.

Hell's Rebels review coming soon.


Paul Trudel said...

Please, do tell, which AP did you find that's better than CotCT?
I'm curious as to which one, and whether it's appropriate for first time players?

Obiri said...

Hell's Rebels. My review is coming... just very slowly.

For new players I'd start with a regular module or something you make up yourself. This gives the players a chance to learn to work together and get a feel for the game. I think APs work best if character turn-over is minimal so you want your characters to die less often and for players to be happy with the characters. It also gives the DM an opportunity to learn what the players like. Do they prefer lots of battles or more story telling/role playing?