Sunday, March 13, 2016


When I first heard about this adventure my initial response was "Ho Hum". I flipped through the first part but nothing really grabbed me about it. I was also in a bit of a Pathfinder funk at the time and just had no real interest.

While looking for ideas to jam into Savage Tide, I went back and read the entire Adventure Path. It is actually better then I initially thought. The first part doesn't seem to fit well with the others but it is a fine adventure by itself. It starts with a mystery and ends with a really epic battle. Now, I love me my epic multi-encounter battles but it just seems to be rather tough for a group of level 4s. It is the climax of the adventure so I guess its ok that it will be quite taxing on resources.

Part two is where I found the transition starts. Most of this adventure path is about sneaking around, screwing with giant folk, and not getting discovered. Most of the time the PCs are vastly out numbered, and out gunned. This would be a great AP for a group of adventurers that are focused on stealth. Each adventure seems to follow the formula: screw with minions without getting caught until you can reach the boss. Kills the boss and minions disperse. Each adventure has a different theme and there's enough variety I don't think it would get old. It is pretty railroady as you move from location to location shutting down the BBEG plans but it is an AP so that's somewhat to be expected, it is just nice when the rails are a little more hidden.

Over I liked it and thought it had a stronger ending than most APs. That being said I look at the Adventure Paths we have not yet played and I don't think this stands out as one that we need to play right away. It is average and with the right hands could be made great but there are others I'd rather play or GM first.

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