Thursday, December 02, 2010

Nerd or Geek?

CNN weighs in on this vitally important question. Personally, I feel much the same way as Futurama co-creator, David X. Cohen:

"To me, nerd is a compliment and geek is an insult," said Cohen. "I feel like with 'nerd culture,' [it sounds like] the nerds have triumphed. 'Geek' has a negative connotation. I'd rather be called a nerd. I love being called a nerd."

I don't view the term "geek" as an insult, but do I feel the subculture that embraces Star Trek, World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons is nerd culture. Geeks are merely dilletantes who obsess over some aspect of that culture, but don't live it every day.

I am Nerd!



Obiri said...

That's odd. I see it as the opposite. I totally see myself as a geek but would never call myself a nerd.

Rognar said...

It might be an age thing. The term "geek" didn't really come into common usage until the 90s. Those of us who were into the subculture before that didn't have much in common with the younger computer gamers who were calling themselves geeks. We were nerds and proud of it.

biopunk said...

I'm with Obiri on this one.

"Nerd" is synonymous with 'socially awkward' in my lexicon.

"Geek", not so much.

Rognar said...

Perhaps, although I've always associated social awkwardness with both terms. In any case, I feel no shame in my lack of social skills.

Little Tayloritos said...

Most if not all my socially awkward friends use nerd.
And we are all proud of being nerds

Rognar said...

Be proud, young nerds, be proud!

Derobane-bane said...

I am a power nerd, through and through.