Tuesday, December 14, 2010

An AT-43 Christmas for me

With the demise of Rackham Entertainment back in October, the race is on to grab up the remaining stock of AT-43 and Confrontation pre-painted miniatures. Supplies are already dwindling at our FLGS, so I have decided to do a little proactive Christmas shopping. There will be a lot of Red Blok and Therians under my tree this year. I even managed to score one of these:

and one of these:

And guys, you better get down there soon if you want to snatch up some Confrontation minis before they're all gone.


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Obiri said...

Rackham is gone? That sucks. Everytime I go into the sentry box I look at the confrontation boxes and wonder if this is the time I buy one.

Rognar said...

Rakham itself is in liquidation, although there are apparently interested parties who may buy the AT-43 and Confrontation lines. Keep your fingers crossed.