Monday, July 12, 2010

Traffic report

Now that I have run my traffic counter for a few days, I'd say my initial excitement has worn off. We do get a lot of views from all over the world, but the average viewing time for the majority of these is only a couple of seconds, not long enough to even read a single post. It makes me wonder if most of these are not even real people, but just automated spambots. Not surprisingly, our biggest source of traffic is us. Roughly a third of our traffic comes from Calgary and it is generated from 15 unique visitors. Since most of us view the blog from multiple locations (home, work, mobile), it's possible most of those unique visitors are still us (and our friend from Citadel). In a way, it's reassuring since it appears nothing I write here will come back to haunt me if I decide to enter politics.



Jay said...

Watch your bounce rate, that'll be more telling than anything how many people are actually reading.

Rognar said...

75%, not too good. I'll have to up my game. Maybe put up pictures of Japanese cosplay girls. That stuff always brings up the readership.

Jay said...

Ha! But I have a feeling you'll be doing double-duty weeding through spam posts!

Yeah, if only there was a magic formula. I'll say this though, analytics is an amazing tool. Or I assume it will be, once I figure out what the hell I'm doing. :D