Sunday, July 18, 2010

Interesting WEG news

Zachary at RPG Blog II has the latest (and very likely last) bit of news to come out of the sad story of West End Games. With Septimus returned to Bill Coffin and TORG already sold off to a German publisher, the last remaining IPs were sold to Precis Intermedia. I can't say I know much about Bloodshadows or Masterbook. Truth be told, I thought they were part of TORG. I would be interested in seeing a revival of Shatterzone, however.

Shatterzone is an edgy, space-based campaign setting featuring corrupt megacorporations, nihilistic cults, a great alliance of three races (including humans) that excludes all others and a malevolent and powerful alien empire. The title of the game refers to a region of space that separates the Consortium of Worlds from the Armagon Empire. It is a zone of disturbed space with asteroid fields and dark matter making travel very hazardous. Many adventurers still risk it though, for there are great riches to be found. I think with some dedicated support behind it, the setting could be a real winner. I checked out the website of Precis Intermedia. It appears their plans for Shatterzone do not include the Open d6 license. Too bad, but I remain cautiously optimistic.



Jay said...

Sad. So, how does the open license work for d6? Can anyone publish for it?

Rognar said...

At this point, I must admit, I'm not sure what is the status of Open d6. Eric Gibson has said in the past, he intends to develop it fully and it would presumably bear some resemblance to the D&D 3.x OGL. However, that was before he basically threw in the towel. My guess is, it will eventually just be given away to the small group of fans who still give a damn and who have already started creating what they call Open d6 Resurrection at If that happens, I guess pretty anyone can do anything they want with it.