Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Campaign

Last night the new campaign began. Because most of us are fairly familiar with our normal setting I decided to set this one in Blackmoor. A second change, all of the characters are evil. Playing Evils is always fun for the players but a bit tougher for the DM since evil characters are much more unpredictable.

I think everyone had a good time doing silly voices, beating bar patrons senseless, ripping random people off, and setting their houses on fire. The final encounter of the evening was a bit tougher then I expected. The CR was quite high but when its the first (and only) encounter of the day, everyone has lots toys available to use.

I almost felt sorry when Derrobane's character met his end to a double rogue ambush. They were actually in place to keep the wizard from casting spells but one scored a critical hit and the 70 year old wizard was rather frail. Shiz, rest in peace.

The PCs killed the leader of the slavers quickly and after that the slavers fought less effectively. One of the rogues managed to escape so we'll have to see how that effects what's to come.

The final battle from the last campaign inspired me to make the environment more important in battles. The trees and bushes allowed the rogues to slip to vanish, but I'd like to introduce more hazards like quicksand, deep water, cliffs, traps. They make the fights more strategic allowing both sides to take advantage of them.

I'm looking forward to our next play night to see what happens next!

(Ed. note: We have been tasked with the job of investigating an increase in slave trading in the Great Dismal Swamp. Whole villages are being wiped out. Why such a vile group as ours has been hired to do this is not clear.)


Rognar said...

It certainly appears that a wave of murder and destruction is going to follow this party wherever we go. We were in town less than a day and had already committed four murders.

What's our current body count? I believe it's thirteen.

Thugkhtt said...

I enjoy complex battle scenarios with lots of terrain complications. They can be hard to run, but exciting.

Too bad about the demise of Shiz. He was a nice grandfather.

A Paladin In Citadel said...

Sounds like great fun!

Were you using Pathfinder?

Derobane-bane said...

This is a Pathfinder rules game with some 3.5 backward compatibility thrown in. My new guy is a warlock, which is a 3.5 class.