Friday, March 19, 2010

Conflict Roleplaying looks cool

Some nights you really want to roll some dice, but you can't get the whole group together. Conflict Roleplaying just might be what you need to scratch that itch. Get together with a buddy, roll up some Pathfinder characters and throw down. Probably not something you would want to encourage in regular play, but could be useful in running gladiatorial combats.


h/t Mad Brew Labs


Obiri said...

This would be fun but I think I'd rather do it under the 3.5 rule set because of the greater magnitude of options.

For the last high level evil campaign Vallindra was basically designed for PvP.

In PVP with regular characters you'd almost always be better off going caster.

Rognar said...

One of the criticisms I read about Conflict RPG was the same thing, especially at high-level, you're better off going with a spellcaster. It's something to do with the rules for character balance. Fighters depend on magic items more than spellcasters, yet they get the same gp value to buy items.

Nicodemus said...
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Nicodemus said...

I've played conflict several times. Even got myself a box set at a convention. the guys there said you can use 3.5 if you wanted to. The small difference are really obvious and easy to change.

And I have to say casters are great but they can very easily get there asses handed to them. They have to be careful not to close, which is harder then you think. I dropped four fireball spells on an enemy team once and they got up and kept coming for me.

As a person who prefers casters myself I always have to be careful with those kinds of things. There's this one guy in the group whose got a bunch of different ways to take me out before I ever even become a problem. But even then, even when all my reality bending spells become of no use to me, its fun.