Monday, November 23, 2009

Rejoice! The embargo is lifted.

I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but there hasn't been many updates to the new releases page of the Sentry Box website this month. Before today, no new rpg products had been received since Nov.2. WotC, Catalyst, Paizo and Mongoose had all been "no shows" until today. Finally, someone has run the blockade and delivered our much-needed game supplies to us. At last, I can get my copy of Scavenger's Guide to Droids...and maybe a copy of Poo: The Card Game.


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Derobane-bane said...

-And now, from the creators of CthulhuTech comes this year's most anticipated game: Poo.-

I hear this game is truly the sh*t. A genuinely craptastic pastime.
Pantloads of fun.