Friday, November 06, 2009

"Defiance" has finally dawned

I first took notice of the Dawn of Defiance adventure path on the Star Wars Saga Edition website back in March '08. At the time, the first three installments were already available and I seriously considered running the campaign at that time under the ridiculous notion that future installments would be released at reasonable intervals. It's a good thing I didn't since the 10th and final installment only just became available a couple of weeks ago. Considering how quickly we ran through Age of Worms last year, we would have spent a lot of time twiddling our thumbs if we went through DoD instead.


Edit: Obiri set me straight. It's been over two years since we finished AoW. When you reach my advanced age, it's hard to keep these things straight. All events since the Battle of Waterloo seem like they just happened yesterday.


Obiri said...

Last year?
We ended that over 2 years ago. Since March 08 we've run Dragons of Autumn, 2 small evil campaigns, Neil's campaign, and 2 and a half Paizo adventure paths. Plus a couple Cthulutech adventures, and some Star Wars Saga.

Rognar said...

Has it been that long? Man, how time flies. We certainly are prolific for a bunch of twice monthly gamers.