Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Star Wars Saga Ed., end in sight?

Notice this list of release dates for the Star Wars Saga Ed. supplements:

The Force Unleashed - Sept.,08
Scum and Villainy - Nov.,08
The Clone Wars - Jan.,09
Legacy Era - March,09
Jedi Academy Training Manual - May,09
Rebellion Era - July,09
Galaxy at War - Sept.,09

This is the list of currently planned future supplements:

Scavenger's Guide to Droids - Nov.,09
Galaxy of Intrigue - Jan.,10
The Unknown Regions - Apr.,10

What is that I see next spring? A three-month break in the release schedule which has been consistantly bimonthly. The declining crunch-to-fluff ratio combined with an upcoming hiccup in the release schedule leads me to conclude that game has run its course in the current form. All signs point to a new edition of the Star Wars RPG in 2010.



Tayloritos said...

I must be getting old, it feels like Saga just came out.

Rognar said...

The core book came out in June,07, so it will be nearly three years when the last confirmed sourcebook is released. A bit quick for a new edition, but I'm sure they have certain sales figures they must reach as part of the licensing agreement with Lucasfilms. It was five years between the revised d20 core rules and the Saga Ed.