Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Legendary Evils DDM - my first pulls

It has been some time since D&D minis excited me in any way. I still pick up a few singles from time to time to fill holes in my collection, but today is the first day in ages when I actually headed out to the FLGS with the expressed purpose of buying DDM boosters. Legendary Evils is that awesome. The huges in that set are just as cool as I'd hoped, so I bought three, the Balor, the Remorhaz and the Green Dragon. Here are my pulls:

Balor (huge, visible) - simply awesome, nothing more to add
War Troll (large, rare) - score!, almost as cool as the Balor
Foulspawn Seer (medium, rare) - not bad, could proxy for some weird, subterranean spellcaster
Minotaur Thug (medium, common) - looks like typical DDM common, still useful
Hoard Scarab Larva Swarm (medium, common) - good proxy for a pile of gold coins

Remorhaz (huge, visible) - awesome mini, great proxy for huge centipede
Psychic Sentinel (large, rare) - so-so, could proxy for some kind of gem golem
Githzerai Mindmage (medium, rare) - looks great, but doesn't look like previous githzerai figures
Goblin Cutter (small, common) - looks much better than the other commons I got
Human Rabble (medium, common) - meh

Elder Green Dragon (huge, visible) - looks great, although it's a bit small for a huge
Chuul (large, rare) - pretty good, could serve as advanced leader for my other chuuls
Foulspawn Mangler (medium, rare) - four-armed thing, looks good, but don't know what to do with it
Scarecrow Stalker (medium, common) - ok, generic undead thing
Minotaur Thug (as above)

I'll post some pics later



Derobane-bane said...

Of course you pulled the rare Chuul. I hope I get that lucky. This is one of the few minis that I am looking for in this set.

I think I'll go grab some boosters today....

Rognar said...

The chuul is decent, although I already have a bunch of the old chuuls and they look quite a bit different. Let me know what you get.

Derobane-bane said...

I bought a case. All the minis look really good, especially the balor, green dragon, storm giant and the giant beholder (sooooo cool). Here are the rare pulls:

Brown dragon x2. Retarded miniature.
Chuul. Very cool.
Hezrou x2. I like the old Hezrou.
Talon Slaad. Dumb, dumb dumb.
Yocol. Hilarious. Looks like a snot man.
Sivak Draconian. 100% cool. Makes me want to play a half dragon sometime soon.

Thankfully this set is visible because all I wanted was the huge minis. Anything else was gravy.