Sunday, August 30, 2009

District 9 - There are no words to describe...

...the sheer, unrelenting awesomeness of this film. I predict in 10 years, we will describe District 9 the same way we currently talk about Star Wars, Aliens and The Terminator. It is simply that awesome. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you have seen it, good for you. See it again. It is not simply the best sci-fi film this year, it is, in my opinion, the best sci-fi film of the last decade.



Derobane-bane said...

No doubt, this film was awesome. I certainly got my money's worth out of this one. Very cool story, wicked special effects and terrific violence. I loved the alien technology. I loved the fact that it does not take place in Washington DC. Most of all, I love the fact that there are no big Hollywood names in this one. This film goes to show that you do not need Brad Pitt as the star for a film to be great. Keep up the good work, Jackson.

That being said, Brad Pitt is an awesome actor and I plan to see Inglorious Basterds very soon.

Rognar said...

Amazingly, it was all accomplished for only $30 million. That's almost Brad Pitt's salary for one picture.

But yeah, Inglorious Basterds is next on my list.