Monday, August 25, 2014

Way of the Wicked 25

There was much kingdom running this session but not much fighting. The Kingdom of Talingarde is slowly being corrupted. The villains have begun constructing their Cathedral to Asmodeus and they have seized church lands and redistributed them to the poor (or their friends).

The borderlands were successfully pacified by Herr Eisenmark and the decision was made that rather than rebuild the Watch Wall (for now at least) they would try and pacify the North as well.  The Frost Giant Queen offered to lead this expedition is Herr Eisenmark was put under her control. The PCs agreed and the campaign to pacify the north succeeded with minimal loses. The PCs have pacified the north which no other King has managed to do before them.

The Iraen barbarians were brought into the fold when the 9th Knot managed to track and kill the legendary Bandersnatch. Prophecy holds that when the beast was killed and the slayer appeared wearing its hide and soaked in its blood that their Destiny would be revealed. For now the Iraen were told to wait.

The warrior nuns of Saint Celeste were slaughtered as they waited in the wilderness for the Princess Belinda's return.

A secret police force has been established to root out the growing resistance. One town revolted openly. The crown removed its protection of the town and the Dragon Jaratheon was sent to raze it. Few survived the dragon's assault and unrest in the kingdom quieted.

The PCs were attacked by Demonic Marilith assassins while they were holding a council meeting. Security is going to be increased. When the Hadreon Signet was dipped in the blood it began grating immunity to Fire and Poison and allowing DR to be bypassed for all evil outsiders. Since this was deemed pretty awesome the PCs have decided to locate the next monster on the list: a Titan.

A half Titan Kraken was located and the PCs began preparation to assault it. We'll see how it goes next game session.

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