Friday, August 15, 2014

Still more Marvel for Disney Infinity

The newest video announcement for Disney Infinity 2.0 reveals new details on improvements to the toybox mode, but that is not all that is revealed. At one point in the video, we see this:

That appears to be either Power Man (aka Victor Alvarez) or the younger version of Luke Cage from the Ultimate Spider-Man TV series. It's hard to decide which of these is more likely. Obviously Luke Cage is better known, but he is usually seen as older with some facial hair. Power Man, on the other hand, is not widely known, but does have a strong connection to Iron Fist, another less well-known character which has already been announced as being in DI2. Either way, what I really want to know is, will this be another playable character in the game? Disney has repeatedly done this, showing brief cameos of not yet announced characters in videos of other aspects of the game. Between the two excellent movie releases this year and all the upcoming stuff for DI2, I am on a serious Marvel high right now....and I'm not even a comic book guy.


Update: Upon further research, it seems the Luke Cage version from Ultimate Spider-Man is also named Power Man, so it's a safe bet, that is what this character will be called. Since we will have Spider-Man, Nova, Iron Fist and probably Power Man, can White Tiger be far behind?

Further update: Power Man (Luke Cage) and White Tiger (among others) will not be playable at this time.

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