Thursday, February 21, 2013

Too much fantasy for d100?

Chaosium has just jumped in with both feet in the d100 fantasy battle royale with the pdf release of Magic World (hard copy expected in March). Alongside RuneQuest 6 from The Design Mechanism and Legend from Mongoose (not to mention OpenQuest, which is a nice, little rules-light variant from a nano-publisher called D101 Games), we now have three major versions of the venerable d100 game engine for fantasy role-playing. This is shaping up to be an interesting, if ultimately, self-destructive competition involving a young upstart, a disinterested, second-tier publisher and a creaky old-timer that doesn't know when to hang 'em up. My money is on RQ6, largely because both Mongoose and Chaosium have other priorities (miniatures and Call of Cthulhu, respectively) that drive their release schedules. Still, given the glacial pace at which all three companies release supplements for their respective games, I should have little trouble supporting all of them. Anyway, the three games are so similar, any material published for one can easily be converted to use with another. An embarassment of riches, to be sure.


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Obiri said...

That's a great cover - although I don't care much for the stereotype wizard in the background.