Monday, February 25, 2013

Skill enhancement you use them?

In the Pathfinder core rulebook, there are ten feats specifically designed to enhance skills. Of course, the main one is Skill Focus which allows you to pick any one skill and add a +3 bonus (+6 at 10 ranks). Beyond that though, there are nine others which define two semi-related skills and provide a +2 bonus (+4 at 10 ranks) for each. In my experience, the popularity of these feats ranges from lukewarm to "wouldn't-touch-it-with-a-ten-foot-pole". Personally, I find for many of these feats, there is only one of the two skills that I wish to enhance, making Skill Focus the better choice. Below is my hierarchy of these feats:

Feats I might consider taking for most characters: Alertness

Feats I might consider taking if I was playing a rogue or ranger: Deceitful, Deft Hands, Self-Sufficient, Stealthy

Feats I might consider taking if I was playing a sorcerer: Magical Aptitude

Feats I would never consider taking: Acrobatic, Animal Affinity, Athletic

Of these, only Magical Aptitude is really useful enough to be considered a "no-brainer"and only for sorcerers (and maybe bards). The absolute worst one has to be Acrobatic. It enhances the Acrobatics and Fly skills, which are pretty good skills, but has anyone ever played a character that uses both? If you can fly proficiently, why would you ever invest skill points in Acrobatics? Feel free to comment on my rankings. Any skill enhancement feats that you simply can't live without?


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Obiri said...

I occasionally take a Skill Focus or two (my current PC has it for a Perform skill - so Diplomacy and Sense Motive) but usually I can't be bothered. Improving your combat capabilities will trump a few skill points in most cases.