Monday, April 16, 2012

The Pathfinder Kensai

As Designed by Obari. Piranha Strike might be a nice addition if you can squeeze it in. The spell selection would be largely dependent on the rest of your group. The Kensai is more appropriate for a replacement character as their AC is god awful at low levels and they'd be unlikely to survive.
Scimitar Kensai

Male Elf Magus (Bladebound, Kensai) 12

CG Medium Humanoid (Elf)

Init +12; Senses Low-Light Vision; Perception +19


AC 26, touch 26, flat-footed 13 (+12 Dex, +3 deflection, +1 dodge)

hp 87 (12d8+12)

Fort +12, Ref +14, Will +12

Defensive Abilities Canny Defense +5; Immune sleep; Resist Elven Immunities


Spd 30 ft.

Melee Black Blade +20/+15 (1d6+15/15-20/x2) and

Unarmed Strike +16/+11 (1d3+3/20/x2)

Special Attacks Spellstrike

Magus (Bladebound, Kensai) Spells Known (CL 12, 9 melee touch, 16 ranged touch):

4 (3/day) Wall of Ice (DC 19), Dimension Door, Dragon's Breath (DC 19)

3 (4/day) Haste (DC 18), Slow (DC 18), Fireball (DC 18), Vampiric Touch

2 (5/day) Mirror Image (DC 17), Mirror Image (DC 17), Mirror Image (DC 17), Mirror Image (DC 17), Frigid Touch

1 (6/day) True Strike (DC 16), Silent Image (DC 16), Shocking Grasp, Shocking Grasp, Shocking Grasp, Feather Fall (DC 16)

0 (at will) Read Magic (DC 15), Prestidigitation (DC 15), Detect Magic, Light


Str 10, Dex 21/25, Con 12, Int 16/20, Wis 12, Cha 8

Base Atk +9; CMB +9; CMD 35

Feats Arcane Strike, Dervish Dance, Dodge, Elven Weapon Proficiencies, Extra Arcane Pool, Improved Critical: Scimitar, Sickening Critical, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus: Scimitar, Weapon Specialization: Scimitar

Skills Acrobatics +19, Climb +4, Escape Artist +19, Fly +11, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +20, Knowledge (Planes) +20, Perception +19, Perform (Dance) +1, Ride +11, Sense Motive +9, Spellcraft +20, Swim +4

Languages Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven, Gnome, Goblin

SQ Arcane Pool (+3) (11/day) (Su), Black Blade (Ex), Black Blade: Arcane Pool (3/day) (Su), Black Blade: Energy Attunement (Su), Black Blade: Strike +3 (Sp), Black Blade: Telepathy (Su), Black Blade: Teleport Blade (Sp), Black Blade: Unbreakable (Ex), Chosen Weapon: Scimitar, Critical Perfection +5 (Ex), Elven Magic, Empowered Magic (1/day) (Su), Iaijutsu (Ex), Improved Spell Combat (Ex), Metamagic Rod, Enlarge, Lesser, Metamagic Rod, Intensified, Lesser, Perfect Strike (Ex), Superior Reflexes (Ex), Wand Wielder (Su)

Other Gear Belt of Incredible Dexterity, +4, Cloak of Resistance, +3, Handy Haversack (empty), Headband of Vast Intelligence, +4: Knowledge (Dungeoneering), Escape Artist, Manual of Quickness of Action, +1, Metamagic Rod, Intensified, Lesser X2, Pearl of Power, 2nd Level, Ring of Protection, +3, Wand of Mage Armor, Wand of Shield


Arcane Pool (+3) (11/day) (Su) Infuse own power into a held weapon, granting enhancement bonus or selected item powers.

Arcane Strike As a swift action, add +1 damage, +1 per 5 caster levels and your weapons are treated as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.

Black Blade (Ex) You gain an intelligent bonded weapon whose power grows with your own.

Black Blade: Arcane Pool (3/day) (Su) The Black Blade has an Arcane Pool used to fuel its own abilities.

Black Blade: Energy Attunement (Su) Replace weapon dam with fire/cold/elec for 1 point, or sonic/force for 2 points.

Black Blade: Strike +3 (Sp) The Black Blade can grant itself a damage bonus for 1 min.

Black Blade: Telepathy (Su) The magus can telepathically communicate with his black blade if it is worn or held.

Black Blade: Teleport Blade (Sp) Spend 1 point from own or blades pool to teleport it into hand.

Black Blade: Unbreakable (Ex) The Black Blade is immune to the broken condition while the arcane pool is not empty.

Canny Defense +5 (Ex) +INT bonus to AC (max Duelist level).

Chosen Weapon: Scimitar Kensai abilities only function when wielding a weapon of this type.

Critical Perfection +5 (Ex) Bonus to confirm threat & qualify early for critical feats with chosen weapon.

Dervish Dance Use Dex modifier instead of Str modifier with scimitar

Elven Immunities +2 save bonus vs Enchantments.

Elven Immunities - Sleep You are immune to Sleep effects.

Elven Magic +2 racial bonus on caster checks to overcome spell resistance. +2 to spellcraft checks to determine the properties of a magic item.

Empowered Magic (1/day) (Su) 1/day, cast a spell as if Empowered without altering the casting time or level.

Iaijutsu (Ex) May draw chosen weapon and make attacks of opportunity when flat footed.

Improved Spell Combat (Ex) Use a weapon with one hand at -2 and cast a spell with the other.

Low-Light Vision See twice as far as a human in low light, distinguishing color and detail.

Metamagic Rod, Enlarge, Lesser The wielder can cast up to three spells per day that are enlarged as though using the Enlarge Spell feat.

Strong (no school); CL 17th; Craft Rod, Enlarge Spell; Price 3,000 gp.

Metamagic Rod, Intensified, Lesser The wielder can cast up to three spells per day that are intensified as though using the Intensified Spell feat.

Metamagic rods hold the essence of a metamagic feat, allowing the user to apply metamagic effects to spells as they are cast. This does not change the spell slot of the altered spell. All the rods described here are use-activated (but casting spells in a threatened area still draws an attack of opportunity). A caster may only use one metamagic rod on any given spell, but it is permissible to combine a rod with metamagic feats possessed by the rod’s wielder. In this case, only the feats possessed by the wielder adjust the spell slot of the spell being cast.

Possession of a metamagic rod does not confer the associated feat on the owner, only the ability to use the given feat a specified number of times per day. A sorcerer still must take a full-round action when using a metamagic rod, just as if using a metamagic feat he possesses (except for quicken metamagic rods, which can be used as a swift action).

Lesser and Greater Metamagic Rods: Normal metamagic rods can be used with spells of 6th level or lower. Lesser rods can be used with spells of 3rd level or lower, while greater rods can be used with spells of 9th level or lower.

Requirements Craft Rod, Intensified Spell; Cost 1,500 gp

Perfect Strike (Ex) Use 1 arcane pool to maximize weapon dam, or 2 for +1 to crit multiplier.

Sickening Critical Critical hit sickens target.

Spellstrike (Su) Deliver touch spells as part of a melee attack.

Superior Reflexes (Ex) Extra attacks of opportunity equal to Int mod (min 1). Combat reflexes stacks.

Wand Wielder (Su) The magus can activate a wand or staff in place of casting a spell when using spell combat.

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Rognar said...

Two archetypes at the same time? I didn't even know that was legal.

Obiri said...

It's legal as long as they don't swap out the same abilities.

Rognar said...

Makes sense.

Andreas Lund Andersen said...

How can you have Sickening Critical without Critical Focus? I might have missed it. Skimmed it fast, just didn't seem to be there

Obiri said...

Critical Perfection (Ex)

At 9th level, a kensai adds his Intelligence bonus (minimum 0) on critical hit confirmation rolls with his favored weapon. In addition, the kensai may use his magus levels in place of his base attack bonuses to qualify for Critical Focus and any feat for which it is a prerequisite; these feats apply only with a kensai’s favored weapon.

Linh Pham said...

The section you quoted lets you treat magus levels as BAB for prereqs - it does nothing to address any other requirements you need to meet (to include feats).

Sean McGee said...

Canny Defense (Ex)

When wearing light or no armor and not using a shield, a duelist adds 1 point of Intelligence bonus (if any) per duelist class level as a dodge bonus to her Armor Class while wielding a melee weapon. If a duelist is caught flat-footed or otherwise denied her Dexterity bonus, she also loses this bonus.

Per Canny Defense you are adding your Int as a dodge bonus to your AC. Which overlaps your dodge bonus from the dodge feat. You have applied your Int from canny defense to your Dex. when every you loose your Dex to AC you would loose you Int to dodge as well.