Thursday, April 26, 2012

More strangeness from WotC

When Wizards of the Coast announced the release of new reprints of the core AD&D books, I thought it was a pretty good move on their part. I already own the originals, so I have little interest in purchasing the reprints, but it seemed a good way to build some good will with the oldtimers.

However, there is now talk that WotC may also release reprints of D&D 3.5 later this year. I can't see much value in that. Aside from the fact that old copies of the originals are still fairly easy to acquire, anyone who isn't already playing 3rd edition will likely be more inclined to just jump into Pathfinder, which is almost the same game and is much better-supported.

Now, if they decide to reprint the Dungeons & Dragons Rules Cyclopedia, they will definitely get my attention.



Woo Flaxman said...

Too right! I've just paid £30+ for the Cook/Molvday basic and expert rulebooks because the Cyclopedia prices always seem way out of my reach. Come on, give us what we've been craving. Promise to buy a D&DNext Player's Handbook!

Obiri said...

not related to the topic of this post but what is the new picture. makes me think Huns sacking Rome or something.

Although perhaps less relevant, I think I prefer the old picture.

Rognar said...

Main reason, the artwork I was using is not public domain. Also, we rarely fight robots, so something more medieval seemed more appropriate. It's something to do with the 4th crusade.