Sunday, June 05, 2011

All Hail the King!

The volley flew true and Nyrrissa, unable to escape, felt the arrows pierce her body. There had been no escape to heal herself this time after being anchored to this dimension.

She felt the insane rage drain from her soul as the last of her life blood leaked away. Halak the ranger lowered his bow and flexed his stiff fingers. The Archon hovering behind him was the only thing shielding him from Nyrrissa's mental control. He thought her saw the cursed Nymph smile at him as the life and magic faded from her and she began to fall into the frozen river below.

Lung the barbarian reached out and grabbed her and carried her over to the cliff, his body still riddled with Halak's arrows. Peskar, the arcane trickster, followed, shifting back to his natural form. Merissa the summoner, collapsed on the cliff edge. The insane nymph had nearly disintegrated her in the battle's dying moments. The cleric followed the pack to the cliff and began patching everyone up.

Our kingdom is safe again (for now). The evil fey who had been manipulating things behind the scenes for years had finally been brought down. It had been a rough battle. The key to defeating her was the sword Briar but its wielder, Lung, had been banished via Maze as the battle began and had only managed to return at the tail end of the fight. The rest of us had been trying to strip her of her defenses which had made her near invulnerable. Halak was the only one that had any significant chance of hurting her so we had to keep him alive (and not dominated). In the end we managed to eak out a victory.


Rognar said...

Truly epic. I'm still amazed we lost no one.

Thugkhtt said...

I enjoyed the final session, as I enjoyed the entire campaign. The ending encounter was challenging, to say the least. I will remember it for the redonk AC of the villainess, the deflection spell that caused several self crits, the multiple dominate persons, Lung's endless attempts to roll a 20 to break the maze, several disintegrates being cast against the PCs, and the baleful polymorph that turned Halak into a bat.

These characters saw a lot of variety in settings, missions, and monster challenges from level 1 to 17, and I was happy to be able to play Halak for the entire time. All in all, I'd say this was an excellent campaign. Congrats to Tayloritos for an excellent job DMing, and to Paizo for designing a top-notch adventure.