Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Comments - Old posts.

I was poking around the blog today taking a peak at our most viewed posts and I saw Derobane's post about building monks was near the top. I didn't recall what the post was about so I took a look. There were a ton of comments (ok, half a dozen) I didn't recall ever having read. At least some of them we added very much after the fact since they refer to the APG which wasn't released until 6 months later.

Is there anyway in Blogger to see what new comments are being added? It makes me wonder how many other old posts are being commented on, and I (perhaps we) have no idea.


Jay said...

Try this:

In Blogger, go to "Settings" and "Comments" under that tab.

You can customize to your liking, but down at the bottom is "Comment moderation". Here you can set the number of days past an article's posting date that require moderation. You can also add an email so if someone adds a comment, you'll be notified.

I keep mine at about 2 weeks. I also only let "Registered Users" comment. Anonymous is inviting spam and trolls, IMHO.

Play with the settings and set to your preference!

Obiri said...

Thanks! That's very helpful.