Monday, March 21, 2011

Miniature Painting part 2.

We had another painting party last Saturday. I finished 2 on Saturday and finished 4 more on Sunday (see next post).

Since my last painting blitz the second batch of miniatures arrived and there were some really nice ones in there. However, I decided that I wanted to try our a couple techniques and this Gray Maiden mini was a good place to start.

Somethings turned out really well. The sword looks great even though I got rather lazy with it. The detail on the shield was crazy hard and I missed some spots so lets just call it the worn look. As for the armor itself I love the way the detail pops out from the armor wash but it made everything too dark. I think I know now how to pop the detail without blacking everything out but I'll have to try it on a different piece.

With this bard I really wanted to get the hair right. Last week I discovered among my wife's vast collection of crafty stuff a bucket full of inks. Although it worked out pretty well, her inks are not the same as the other inks I have. They take hours to dry and and until they do dry they bleed into any paint that comes near them. After playing around a bit I got the color I wanted but it took too long and isn't really viable.

Nothing really special about this mini but I like the gold trim on the boots. It makes me wish I had a busty pirate wench miniature. My wife took these pictures on her fancy camera which is why they are lot nicer then the first batch. She is going to photograph the rest later and I'll post them when she does.

Lastly here is another shot of the minis I painted last time. I got tired of waiting for her to process the picture so I took my own. As you can see, she a much better photographer than I am.


A Paladin In Citadel said...

Some nice painting. Perhaps I need a tutorial or two from you.

Obiri said...

Thanks. I think like most things it just takes practice. I also only post the ones that turn out nicely. I have a whole row of ones that that should never see the light of day.

Some will probably get repainted at some point.

Derobane-bane said...

I have seen these minis in real life; they look even better that what we see here.

Obiri is a very fast study. His next dozen paint jobs will look awesome if he keeps up this improvment progression rate.