Monday, March 28, 2011

Miniature Painting 2B

Ok. My wife pulled the rest of the pictures off her camera. These are the ones I worked on Sunday.Most of the guys I paint are use the same colors over and over. greens, browns and black through white - not much color. So with a wizard I decided to brighten him up. I can't say I love the result, but I don't hate it enough to repaint it. I rather wish I had reversed the yellow and purple.

I tried to paint some characters on the scroll. Calligraphy has never been something I'm skilled at and trying to do so on such a small scale, and 3D no less, was really tricky. Just another thing that amazes me about the pros.

I have no idea how the pros paint so well. When I post pictures you can really see every last little mistake. The skin looks chalky, you can see the spots where I've slipped and gobbed one spot and missed another. Their's look spotless with clean crisp lines. I swear they must have an enlarging/shrinking machine that allows them to paint the minis at super size and then shrink them down afterward. Or maybe they use a magnifying glass.

Next up is this assassin looking guy. I tried to do some shading on the cloak but it really isn't visible. He was very quick and easy to paint and still looks pretty cool. I wasn't thrilled to discover his arm was a separate piece. I think I have at last mastered the fine art of crazy glue so I didn't get too many grey hairs trying to attach it.

I started to add texture to the cloak but chickened out. Watching the online videos the best way to figure out the lighting is to shine a bright light on the figure, make a note how the light hits the different areas and then paint the shadows and bright spots in. I tried doing that one and hated the result. Now that I'm a little better, maybe I should give it another shot.

Queen Ileosa worked out quite well. Unlike most Paizo minis which I try and paint to look like their pictures I did this one using my own color scheme. I really liked it until I looked at the picture on the Paizo site. Damn professional painters. Anyway, i liked the way the detail work turned out, one yellow glob aside the hair looks great and even the face turned out well. And yes, I don't care that she looks like a Disney princess. That was half the fun.

When I saw this picture I could see that I had messed up the mouth so I have gone back and repainted it. I tried doing a design on the fan but it looked lame so I white washed it and left it as is.

The last guy is a plague doctor from Paizo's second AP, Curse of the Crimson Throne. You can't really see it from this angle but he's wearing one of those creapy plague masks. I like the idea but find his rather static pose boring.

Derobane: I bought more paint colors this weekend on my trip the the Sentry Box.

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