Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is Pathfinder no.1?

It is according to Ryan Dancey, former D&D brand manager at WotC and the individual most responsible for the OGL. In his most recent column at EN World, Mr. Dancey had this to say:

Pathfinder from Paizo couldn’t exist without the OGL and the D20 System Reference Document. And according to my industry sources, it’s outselling Dungeons & Dragons a feat (no pun intended) I would have considered almost impossible 10 years ago.

This has to be considered amazing news to those of us who play Pathfinder, as well as vindication considering all the abuse heaped upon us by the 4e fans on one side and the OSR folks (not all, but some of the more opinionated) on the other. D&D 3.x/Pathfinder, I believe, hits just the right demographic sweet spot. It doesn't appeal much to the greybeards of the OSR (although my beard is certainly greying, I feel little nostalgia for "old-school" D&D) and it takes too much "like thinking and stuff" for the kids, but the 30- and 40-year-olds who played back in high school and are now married with families, it's a perfect fit.



Johnni said...

Now I want to try Pathfinder! lol

Rognar said...

Join us, Johnni. We are the future! :D

Johnni said...

Haha Nice. To move forward we must look at the foundations of the past.

Rognar said...

I'm all for knowing the past, I just don't want to live there.