Monday, January 03, 2011

The Christmas haul of 2010

It was a good year around the Rognar household this past year and that was reflected in the mountain of Chinese-made plastic piled up under the Christmas tree. Of course, not all the toys were for the yard apes. Daddy had an impressive haul as well.

Displayed above are:
Traveller Book:9 Robots
RuneQuest II: Monster Coliseum
AT-43 Red Blok Dotch Yaga
AT-43 Therians Omega Tiamat
AT-43 Operation Damocles Boxed Set
AT-43 Oni Virus Zombie Detonator
AT-43 Cogs Warmongers
Confrontation Griffin Army Fusiliers
Confrontation Griffin Army Demon Hunters
Confrontation Griffin Army Cannon
Confrontation Scorpion Army Crossbowmen

I will review the books at a later date, but at first glance, both look excellent. Heartfelt thanks to all the family members (and especially Mrs. Rognar) who made my cup runneth over.



christian said...

That looks like a very nice haul. :)

Rognar said...

Thanks. An embarrassment of riches to be sure. Sadly, Christmas came to late for me to single-handedly save Rackham. At least the owner of my FLGS had a good holiday.

Derobane-bane said...

You know you have got to bring that big white guy (fire toad?) to the next game for show and tell.

Rognar said...

That's the Dotch Yaga. It's awesome.