Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rippin' on Marvel Super Heroes, pt.2

Zack and Steve continue their analysis of TSR's Gamers Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Abomination Thru Dreadnought. Considering there are four such handbooks, I hope they don't pummel a deceased equine on this one.

Marvel Super Heroes



Jon H said...

They're actually not so much ripping on MSH as ripping on Marvel characters in general. Game mechanics only rarely enter into it, such as mocking Doctor Druid's "Feeble" levitation ability.

Rognar said...

You're right. In fact, most of the "D&D, WTF?" articles on are directed more at artwork or stupid monsters rather than the game systems themselves. I just started the "Rippin' on..." schtick at the beginning and have maintained it for the sake of consistency.