Monday, September 28, 2009

Talislanta...for free!

I never tried Talislanta before, but I remember the ad campaign in Dragon. The big selling point was that the campaign setting was radically different from the various fantasy worlds available at the time. The slogan was "No Elves!" It never attracted a big following, but its fans were truly fanatical. So now, there is a plan to release everything (literally everything) previously published as free pdfs at the official Talislanta website. I guess I will finally check out this venerable campaign setting.


100 posts in 2009! Yay for us!


Obiri said...

Ahh yes, the whole no elves thing rings a bell from a few years back. Not being an elf hater I never really saw what the big deal was. I'm always interested in new settings and I like free stuff, maybe I'll go check it out.

Rognar said...

Yeah, I never had a problem with elves either. I've always hated "furries", cat people, dog people, bird people, etc. The Glorantha setting of RuneQuest even has evil duck people. Yuck! Anyway, it always seemed to me if you take away the elves, dwarves and orcs, all you're left with are these anthropomorphic animals (in fantasy settings, at least). That's why I never jumped on the Talislanta bandwagon before.