Monday, February 08, 2016

Savage Tide 5 - The Sea Wyvern's Wake

Departure day arrives!

The crew is ready to go and the cargo is loaded. Unfortunately where is Avner MayorNenshi (he was renamed by the PCs)? He shows up 30 minutes late with 2 servants and his prize steed Thunderstriker as well as a wagon full of personal effects. There wasn't room for all of this so the PCs humored him to get him on board and then left most of it especially the horse behind. Aver was even more upset when Captain Isis evicted him from the captain's quarters which Avner had claimed as his own. Avner would continue to stir up trouble until Isis finally threatened his life if he didn't shut up and keep a low profile. Avner has continued to stew in silence ever since.

The second night Lavinia invited the PCs over to the Blue Nixie for a feast. Everything went pretty smooth until they tried to return to the Sea Wyvern. Someone had cut through most of rigging allowed passage between the two ships. Had anyone tried to use it, they would have ended up in the water.

To try to get a handle on the crew, Isis and Kaeless started having dinner with three different crew members a night. This led to the second attempt when someone tried to poison their meals. More interviews and some searching led to nothing.

The third attempt was when someone cut some of the rigging causing a yard arm to swing wildly and knock Trevain off the side of the ship. He was rescued quickly enough and Kaeless began a search of the ship top to bottom for a culprit. Searches had been done before but this time he was using See Invisibility. Down in the hold he spotted an invisible stowaway - Rowyn Kellani, former Lotus Dragon guild leader. Kaeless managed to resist her Hold Person spell but failed against her Charm Person. Kaeless tried to lure the other PCs away from Rowyn but Kaeless is much better at seeing through lies than telling them. The PCs figured out what was going on and search relentlessly for their old foe. They found her and short battle ensued where she was assisted with a summoned Babau but in the end she and her summoned minion were defeated. They looted the former guildmistress and then dumped her body over board.

 A flotsom ooze attacked the ship and killed several red shirt crew members before being destroyed. A few supplied were purchased at a trading outpost. Father Feres became deathly ill and was only saved from a ghastly death by the timely intervention of a cure disease spell. Father Feres admitted that he is actually not a priest and was only a courier that was supposed to deliver a package to some cultists at Fort Blackwell. He was only able to cast spells due to Imbue with Spells that he had had cast on him.

As the expedition approached the Ruins of Tamoachan, Morton Longfellow admitted he had a sketchy treasure map for these ruins. As the PCs dealt with the variety of threats: Basilisk, Varrangoin, Gibbering Mouthers, Will O' Wisps and a multitude of traps; Longfellow made numerous notes and sketches and generally tried to record as much as possible. The treasure turned out to be a golden statue of decent value that was magical. The exact nature of the magic was indeterminable but it seems to be some sort of key. Unable to find the door to which the key belonged, the PCs returned to the ship and carried onward.

So far, the weather has remained great.

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