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The Major Players of Savage Tide

This post denotes key characters in the Savage Tide campaign. I will update and add details to each character as we go.

The Cast:
Lavinia Vanderboren

Her parents have died in a boating accident leaving her in charge of the family estate. She has hired a new group of adventurers to help her reclaim the family fortune and pay off some debts.

Jessica of Waldsby 
Leader of the Jade Ravens, the other adventuring group working for Lavinia

Ruggan the Dwarf
A member of the Jade Ravens

A member of the Jade Ravens

Morgoth the Mighty
Member of the Jade Ravens

Vanthus Vanderboren

Lavinia's brother. Missing for the last month, it is now believed he has recently stolen some of the Vanderboren family fortune. The PCs current task is to find him.

And the PCs: (I will add more PC pics as they send them to me
Trevain the Arcanist
Trevain Avallorn was born to a small tribe of nomadic desert elves that wandered back and forth across the desolate wastes of Osirion and Thuvia. Originally descended from wild elves of the Mwangi Expanse that migrated north during the time of the great ancient Osirian empire, Trevain’s people retained much of the knowledge of that time, knowledge that had mostly been lost by the human descendants of the ancient Osirians.

Trevain was fascinated by stories of the great Ancient Osirian mages and their Elder Elemental allies. Being a talented practitioner of the magical arts in his own right and desiring to learn more than his fellow nomads could teach him, Trevain journeyed to Sothis, capital city of modern Osirion. Sadly, Trevain was gravely disappointed by what he saw. The human inhabitants knew virtually nothing of their former greatness, having only recently overthrown their Keleshite rulers. They were debased and avaricious. Even the most learned among them seemed only interested in using their intellects for selfish purposes. Still, Trevain remained in Sothis for a decade, learning what he could from the fragmented remains of Osirion’s great libraries.

During his time in Sothis, Trevain learned of a technique by which the Ancient Osirians could fuse elemental and human bloodlines to create the first Ifrits, Undines, Oreads and Sylphs. The Keleshites would later consort with genies, creating weaker, degenerate versions of these original geniekin. Yet, Trevain was fascinated by these original elemental bloodlines. He moved on to Absalom, the scholarly capital of the Inner Sea, in order to continue his studies. There he learned of another ancient civilization, the Shory Empire, which was most known for its great flying cities. The Ruins of Kho, in the northern reaches of the Mwangi Expanse, which Trevain had heard of during his youth, were the crashed remains of one such city. Trevain theorized that the Shory were inheritors of ancient Osirian magic. He decided he had learned all he could in Absalom and booked passage to Sargava, the most southern outpost of the Inner Sea nations in Garund. He would spend several years there learning what he could and eventually becoming entangled with a group of fools called the Golden Retrievers. But that is a story for another time.


Isis grew up on the island of Aegos in the Land of the Linnorm Kings. His family was all fisherman and by the age of 14 Isis ran away to find something new and exciting. Instead he entered virtual slavery aboard a privateer. By 18 he had moved through the ranks and was looked on as a risk because of his popularity with the rest of the crew. Understanding his predicament, he ran and travelled far to the south to avoid his old crew.
On his way south Isis met with Kaeless a fellow traveller with a strange brother. One of the largest problems Isis has run into is the huge difference in how his crew and culture in general treated women and the ways in more civilized parts. This has led to many miss understandings and a few angry mobs. Isis Cosby has vowed to try and understand theses strange southerners and do better here.

"My brother and I were raised in the northern city of Riddleport.  He was never really accepted in Riddleport, so we had to live in hiding or on the periphery of the city.  Still, the scummy citizens of that diseased port eventually turned on us and drove us out.  We happily left, joining The Run from last season.
"I met Isis on the long voyage.  Of all the creatures on that ship, Isis alone was worth any conversation and camaraderie.  Isis was kind to my brother and I appreciated his rapist wit.  It was on that voyage that we decided to work together at the terminus of our long voyage.
"if the pay is good, and there is a chance to uncover lost knowledge in dark jungles of the south, I will always be interested in working with the Retrievers.  I know you all have good intentions and that I can rely on your powers when the time comes."

Kaeless is a human that speaks very little.  However, when he speaks, it is for a good reason.  He is curt, sometimes abrasive and seems to have little appreciation or patience for social graces.  Still, he is loyal, brave and seems to use his abilities for the benefit of all the Retrievers.  While his blunt tongue seems to chafe with the public, it is clear that he has no ulterior motives and says exactly what is on his mind.

Another curious point about Kaeless regards his brother.  His brother resides in Eleder but not a single retriever has actually interacted with him.  Kaeless seems to spend a large portion of his gold buying supplies for his brother...

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