Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hell's Vengeance

Things have been busy lately so I haven't been very focused on my RPG hobby. I usually follow PaizoCon closely to get any tidbits or hints of future releases. This year I forgot it was going on and only looked over the Paizo website after the fact.

There were not very many announcements that excited me but one did stand out. Starting in August is the Hell's Rebels adventure path. This was announced last year at GenCon and takes place in Cheliax. I think it is mean to be what people were hoping for from Council of Thieves. I think there is an audience for an urban adventure where the PCs battle the Devil aligned House Thrune. Council of Thieves starts out that way but turns into a big mess.

The follow up AP to Hell's Rebels is an AP titled Hell's Vengeance. Details were a bit scarce but it was made known that this is Paizo's first Evil adventure path. While I don't think they ever said they'd never do an evil AP that was certainly the impression that many people had including me.

I think with the great success of Way of the Wicked (which was a pleasure to run) they realized there was an untapped market for it. I get the impression that in this AP the PCs are agents of House Thrune and either try to rollback the events in Hell's Rebels or strike against their enemies elsewhere. Either way I have to say I'm really looking forward to this one. Assuming my job situation is a little more stable by then I may even resubscribe.

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